About SALT™

The original concept for Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™) began about forty years ago. A pump control system for Beam Pumps using Eddy Current Drives was developed at the request of energy companies who wanted to reduce operating costs and increase production.

In 1978, after much success, the pump control system was re-developed to use Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's). Initially the VFD Pump Control System was used on Electric Submersible Pumps and then on Beam Pumps in 1981.

The original Eddy Current Drive Pump Control System for Beam Pumps was patented in 1992 and licensed to others for use. After several years of improvement to that original concept, a patent was applied for in 2000 for the VFD Pump Control System for Beam Pumps and Patent No. 6414455 was granted in 2002.

Forty years following the first use of Eddy Current Drive Beam Pump Control System and more than fifteen years after the first VFD Pump Control System was created, SALT™ has once again been transformed into the most advanced VFD Control System in the Oil & Gas Industry.

SALT™ Basic is the newest offering in a long line of innovation laying the groundwork for lower cost, decreased failures, increased run-life, and reduced power consumption on all types of pumps and compressors.

SALT™ Basic replaces a standard Pump Panel and is up and running in minutes using the simple on-screen instructions. SALT™ Basic represents the most comprehensive, yet easiest to use, VFD Control System for oil and gas applications. SALT™ Basic includes built-in, user friendly controls for all Sucker Rod Pump, Progressive Cavity Pump, Electric Submersible Pump, and Surface Pump or Compressor applications using electric motors; including Permanent Magnet Motors.

Grey Arrow SALT™ Well Automation and Control

  • Engineered to improve performance and profitability
  • Easy to install and simple to operate; Designed with the user in mind
  • Energy efficient and Environmentally Friendly
  • Sustainable operation through continuous improvement